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We offer a range of different options for you when it comes to walking your pooch.

We offer 1-2-1 walks which are great for dogs who aren't sociable with other dogs or simply just prefer to go on their own walks. This service is also great for reactive dogs or dogs that may be considered difficult.

We also offer the option for your dog to go on group walks. This is great for those who love to play or enjoy the company of other pooches whilst out on their walkies. - This option is dependant on whether or not we have other sociable dogs booked in on the same day/at the same time. 

 30mins for 1 dog £10      30mins 2 dogs (same household) £14 30mins 3 dogs (same household) £15 

60mins for 1 dog £14      60mins 2 dogs (same household) £18.50   60mins 3 dogs (same household) £20

Households with more than 3 dogs +£3per extra dog

Pet Visits

For dogs, cats and small animals. This service involves checking in on your pets when you are not home and need someone to pop in, provide fresh water and meals if needed, letting them out for toilets and of course providing lots of cuddles. This is a great option, not only for those who work long hours or are out of the house for long periods of time, but also for if you are going on holiday and need someon to take care of your pets. This can also include small tasks such as collecting post or watering plants.

30min dog visit £8.50         45min dog visit £11.50        60min dog visit £14        

30min cat/small animal visit £7

We do not offer a home boarding service. 


Puppy Visits

This service involves checking in on your puppy whilst you're not home, providing fresh water or meals. Spending some time playing and letting them out for toilets helps to break the day up for them. Ideal for owners who work long hours or might be out of the house for long periods of time. These visits are great for getting your puppy used to other people, and a midday playtime is likely to help your pup sleep more throughout the day... which means less chewing and getting up to no good. 

30min puppy visit £9        60min puppy visit £14

Pet Taxi

We have teamed up with The Dog Groomery.

We will now be offering an exclusive taxi service to take and pick up your dogs from their grooming appointments at The Dog Groomery! Whether they need popping in for a nail trim or dropping off for a full pamper we are here to help! 

All grooming appointments must be booked in with Lauren at The Dog Groomery.

Going for a Drive

For customers in Runcorn & Frodsham- £5 each way

For customers living further away a higher price will be charged.

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Get in touch with Lauren to book your pooch in for their pamper. The Dog Groomery, 1 York Street, Runcorn WA7 5AZ


Bank holidays additional £2.50

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